anise baby care bundle pack

A beautifully designed pack of 4 products- baby massage oil, body wash, shampoo, and lotion- that will take care of a baby’s entire skincare needs safely and effectively. The perfect gift for mommy and baby!


Anise baby massage oil 150ml/5 (fl/oz)

Anise ‘no-mo’ tears baby shampoo 200ml/6.8(fl/oz)

Anise moisturizing baby body wash  200ml/6.8(fl/oz)

Anise hydrating baby lotion 200ml/6.8(fl/oz)




Contains 1 bottle each of :


Why you should choose this product:

  • Each of these products are Safe Cosmetics Australia and Made Safe allergy and non-toxic certified, dermatologically tested as non-irritant, and manufactured in ISO certified units.
  • Each product has a natural formula that is highly effective and natural, gentle and safe for your children.


Anise certifications

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